Tesla Charger Installation

Tesla vehicles have become exceedingly popular in our Connecticut neighborhoods.

We’ve installed dozens and dozens of Tesla products in the area, the most popular of which is the Tesla Charger (pictured).

Schedule an installation the same day you order it so you can safely and conveniently charge your upcoming Tesla delivery.

Tesla Charger Installation in Connecticut

Tesla Charger Installation we did in Connecticut

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We love Tesla, and we’ve installed countless Tesla configurations across houses in Connecticut.

Give us a call and we’ll help you get your Tesla Charger or Powerwall installations.

Note Due to high demand, Tesla Powerwalls may be on backorder. Check with us or Tesla directly to plan your part delivery appointment.


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I’ve found them to always be reliable, trustworthy, and they do excellent work. I’ve used them time and again and I recommend them to everyone.”

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All our services hold the top industry standard, 3 year warranty on our service.

If we ever do a less than perfect job installing or repairing something for you we’ll come back and fix it.