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Transfer Switch Installation in Greenwich, CT

When the power goes out, a backup generator for the home or office can make sure any critical appliances continue to run. This can save money on lost groceries because the refrigerator will keep things cool and help keep you working to meet critical deadlines if you are in the office. However, if the generator is not installed with a transfer switch, it will not come on automatically. Instead, to make sure the power always reaches the critical appliances, it is time to have a professional do a transfer switch installation in Greenwich, CT. At Safe and Sound Electric LLC, we can handle the installation to make sure you have safe and reliable power, even if the electricity goes out.

Electric Panel Replacement

Power the Generator with a Transfer Switch Installation in Greenwich

Without a transfer switch for your generator, you will need to use an extension cord to connect the generator to the appliances. This can be a safety risk as well as a security concern, so it is not recommended. Plus, if the generator has to be used with an extension cord, decisions will need to be made to determine what gets power. Instead, to make sure your home or office gets power to all devices during an outage and to keep everyone safe, it is a good idea to look into a transfer switch installation near you. 

Once installed, the switch will move the power load from the main circuit to the whole home generator as needed, ensuring the power does not stay off. This can help keep the lights, refrigerator, and more on when the electricity turns off, so you do not have to worry about running out of power for your devices or having to toss all of the groceries and go shopping again. We can work with you to find the right solution for your home or office, then make sure the job is done quickly and correctly. You will be ready for the next storm or power outage and will have a lot less to worry about until the power comes back on. 

About Transfer Switches

A transfer switch installation near Greenwich is a way of installing a device that automatically shifts the power going to the home from the main panel to the backup generator. The installation is done near the electrical panel, so it is possible to choose which circuits will receive power if the electricity goes out. This gives you more control and helps to prevent longer outages or safety issues.

Since the switch will connect to the main electric panel, there is no need to worry about extension cords. Any appliances that are hard-wired, such as the refrigerator or lights, will receive power automatically, allowing them to stay on during the outage. Outlets and switches can receive power too, so it is possible to charge any devices without worry. 

Types of Transfer Switches

When calling for installation services, it is important to consider which type of switch should be installed on the home. There are two main types: manual or automatic. Those who have a portable generator that is not always plugged into the home may want a manual switch. The manual switch works well as a portable generator transfer switch but can be used for a permanent generator, too. When a manual switch is installed, and the power goes out, it is necessary to flip a switch to turn on and start using the generator. It will need to be manually turned off, as well. 

An automatic switch is designed to work on its own, so there is no switch to flip if the power goes out. Many of these switches are programmable, making them more convenient to use. They are typically used with generators that are permanently installed. When the electricity goes out, the automatic switch will change the source of power from the electricity to the generator, keeping the lights on. It can turn off automatically if the electricity comes back on. Professional assistance can make it easier to determine which type of switch to purchase and install. 

Call an Electrician for a Transfer Switch Installation in Greenwich, CT

It is not recommended for anyone to install a switch on their own. Since they are connected to the electric panel, if the installation is not done correctly, it can result in power currents or fires. This puts everyone in the home or office in danger. Instead, it is well worth the cost to have a skilled electrician handle the installation. Experience and training allow them to make sure the switch is installed properly and safely, protecting everyone. 

Power failures can happen at any time, and the amount of time it takes for the electricity to come back on can vary from a couple of minutes to days, depending on the cause. While generators are convenient, they do need to be set up to work properly. A transfer switch makes switching from electricity to the generator easier, so it is possible to keep essential devices and appliances turned on even if the power goes out. Call Safe and Sound Electric LLC now to discuss the options available or to schedule your installation.

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