Electric Meter Services in Greenwich, CT

Your electric meter may be a part of your system that you do not know much about. However, while less known, it is also one of the most vital components. Your electric meter is typically installed by your utility company to monitor your daily energy consumption. This presents vital statistics about your system performance and how you can improve it.

However, it can be difficult to know which installation costs your utility company is responsible for and which items you are supposed to come up with on your own. Our trained electricians at Safe and Sound Electric LLC can help you sort through which components of your electric meter you need to cover and how we can help you install them.

Are you searching for electric meter services near Greenwich? Safe and Sound Electric  LLC has been serving the Greenwich community for a decade. Our services come equipped with helpful attitudes, accurate installations and repairs, and the right tools to get the job done. Do not hesitate to book your appointment today, at (614) 267-4111.

Electric meter

What Does Your Electric Meter Do?

Your electric meter is installed to measure how much power or gas you use daily for energy consumption. This helps your utility company determine how much to charge you each month. However, your electric meter is also useful for your own knowledge and peace of mind. Keeping yourself updated with your electric meter reading can teach you more about your energy consumption and provides areas for you to improve or cut down on energy waste.

Electric Meter Cost

Your electric meter cost is typically the responsibility of your utility company, which owns and controls the metering equipment. However, installing a box around this equipment can attach an additional electric meter cost, ranging from around $50 to $500, depending on size and material. You may find yourself in charge of a new electric meter cost if you are renovating your home.

Electric Meter Services in Greenwich, CT

Our electric meter services in Greenwich handle meter base installations, electric meter repairs, and electric meter box services. Our electric meter services in Greenwich help homeowners get an accurate read from their electric meter, so they can better stay on budget and understand their energy consumption to best control it.

Meter Base Installations

Meter base installations are typically conducted quickly, taking less than a day to complete, and in some cases being done in under an hour. Your meter base is responsible for holding your electric meter and protecting it from extreme outdoor weather. Since your electric meter should be changed around every 10 years, it is best to replace your base with it.

Electric Meter Repairs

Electric meter repairs fall under the responsibility of your utility company if only the meter is directly impacted. If the electric meter repairs focus instead on your meter base or electric meter box, you will be responsible for contacting an electrician and paying for repair services.

Common signs you need electric meter repairs include power outages that only affect your home instead of the whole street and broken connections after a major storm. Our electricians can help you inspect your electric meter to determine its condition and best suggest repairs.

Electric Meter Box

Installing an electric meter box falls under homeowner’s responsibility, so it is important to check its condition every so often to ensure it does not need a replacement. Your electric meter box is also commonly known as your breaker box or service panel. Moving an electric meter box typically takes a full day, but can be impacted by rewiring requirements.

Financing Options

Whether you thought your electric meter components were covered by your utility company or your electric meter breakdowns occurred suddenly, your new electric meter parts may not be in your current budget. We teamed up with GreenSky Financing to provide additional payment options, making more manageable monthly payments instead of one daunting sum. We can help you apply to see if you are approved for financing today!

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At Safe and Sound Electric LLC, we bring a helpful attitude to each project, and we will go above and beyond to help you learn more about your electrical system. We believe knowledge is power, so we take time during each appointment to show you improvements you can make to cut monthly energy costs and make your electrical system perform better.

Are you searching for electric meter services near you? The Greenwich community trusts Safe and Sound Electric LLC. Whether we are helping you install electric meter parts, or we are replacing your electric panel or home wiring, we will get the job done right the first time. Do not hesitate to call us today to book now, at (614) 267-4111.

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