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    Why Being an Electrician Is a Good Career

    If you are looking for an exciting career path, consider pursuing an electrician career in Greenwich, CT. Even though many career paths are dwindling as society evolves and develops new technological innovations, electricians will always be needed. In fact, the need for electricians will continue to grow well into the future. 

    A Good Salary

    Once you complete your education and training, you will begin your career by working for an established electrician as an apprentice. The average base pay for an apprentice is around $20.75/hour. However, as you grow your career over the first three to five years, you can quickly increase your earnings, with the average electrician earning between between $47,864 and $80,733. 

    You Will Get Involved with Your Community

    As you serve the electrical needs of homes in your community, you get to meet people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

    This exposure gives you a better opportunity to meet people in your community than you would have if working in most other career fields. In this way, following an electrician career path can help you network with people throughout your city.

    Exciting Work

    Each day, you will get to do something different, and work in a new type of environment. 

    One day, you might be asked to help a residential customer find out why they keep tripping their circuit breakers. Another day, you might need to address the electrical needs for a new small business. The variety you enjoy will keep your work in Greenwich, CT, interesting.

    Entrepreneurship Opportunities 

    Is being an electrician a good career? That is a question you will have to answer for yourself. There are plenty of jobs available, and the future is bright for electrician job options. 

    You can also start your own Greenwich, CT, electrical services business. Alternatively, you can use your knowledge of electrical work to develop your own products and launch a new startup.

    Earn a Good Reputation

    For some people, earning respect and being recognized as a reputable is just as important as a good wage. If this is true of you, consider pursuing an electrician career. 

    When people in your Greenwich, CT, community hire you for your services, they will come to recognize that you are highly skilled in your field. As a result, they will respect you as an authority on electricity and electrical services.

    Stay Active in Greenwich, CT

    While an electrician job is not overly strenuous work, it will keep you physically active. In addition to traveling from one job site to another, the actual work will require frequent stretching, twisting, and bending. While you should still exercise outside of your daily work routine, the physical activity involved in your work will help keep you healthy.

    You Can Get Started Quickly

    The training you need to start working as an electrician is minimal. You can complete a two-year college degree program, or you might find much shorter vocational training programs that can help you get to work sooner. Once you earn your degree, you can begin working with an electrician to gain supervised experience.

    Some people skip the formal training altogether by starting with an apprenticeship. You will work with a licensed and experienced electrician until you have the skills and knowledge you need to obtain your own certification. Once you are a licensed electrician, you can go to work for an employer or start your own business.

    Rewarding Work

    Working as an electrician is a little more than the average job. When you help fix the faulty wiring in a home, you will be helping that family to feel safe. Properly installing electrical equipment in a business will help you ensure those employees can work without fear of electrical injury. 

    Since wiring shorts and other electrical hazards can lead to serious fires, your skills will help people in your community to stay safe in any environment.

    Discover a Vast Range of Employment Options

    Even if you do not have the entrepreneurial spirit, there are plenty of options open to you once you begin working as an electrician. The most obvious option is to work for an established electrical services company, but you can also find openings with the government or in many industrial fields. 

    Most big businesses hire their own electricians, so you may find a promising career working in manufacturing or industrial settings.

    Develop DIY Skills

    When you develop expertise in electrical services, you can use your skills to solve your own electrical problems. 

    This knowledge means you will not have to pay another professional the hourly wage they would charge for their services. You can fix electrical problems at home, install new fixtures, and fix appliances for the cost of parts only. 

    The Best Electricians Around

    When you need professional electrical service or repairs, contact Safe and Sound Electric. We can help you evaluate the wiring in your home or business and upgrade your electrical system as needed. 


    • Industry competitive hourly pay (DOE) and bonuses for exceptional work performed (compensated weekly).
    • Stable work all year round (we avoid the seasonal layoffs and the “job just ended” layoffs cycle).
    • Company service van provided.
    • Paid holidays.
    • Health insurance.
    • Career and skill growth.
    • Be part of a growing team.

    Qualifications and Requirements

    • Connecticut E-2 Electrical license preferred.
    • Can-do positive attitude, and ability to work in a team environment.
    • Strong residential service abilities.
    • Excellent communication skills with co-workers and residential clients.
    • Execute troubleshooting and problem solving.
    • Neat and clean appearance.
    • Strong work ethic, initiative and tenacity – enjoys a challenge!
    Subject to driving, background, and drug test.

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