Electrical Wiring in Greenwich, CT

Electrical wiring is a complex and regularly dangerous task in your home. It is best to leave wiring or rewiring services to electricians, who are trained to handle electrical components safely. Our team of professionals at Safe and Sound Electric LLC has served the Greenwich community since 2012 with long-lasting products and friendly customer service.

Are you searching for reliable electrical wiring services in Greenwich, CT? Safe and Sound Electric LLC will take the stress off your shoulders, handling your home wiring safely and efficiently. Whether your home is struggling with outdated materials or has damaged wiring, we can help! Call us to book your services today, at (614) 267-4111.

Electric Panel Replacement

Electrical Wiring Services in Greenwich, CT

Our electrical wiring services near Greenwich, CT handle tasks like electrical wiring, rewiring services, whole-home rewiring, garage wiring, electrical repair services, outlet installation, and smoke detector installation. When you need home wiring, our team has you covered!

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring has come a long way in the past 100 years. With that said, many older homes still use methods of the past when it comes to their electrical systems. While methods like knob and tube wiring may have worked for generations past, they are unable to handle the electrical output of endless electronics and appliances we have today. We can help you upgrade your system to a modern, grounded wiring alternative that keeps you safe from stray voltage.

Rewiring Services

Our rewiring services control flickering lights or foul odors that are regularly caused by old wiring systems. Copper and Aluminum are the more common wire materials used today. We can help you weigh your wiring options and determine which material best suits your home. If your home has some updated materials but new damage, we can replace specific sections instead.

Whole-Home Rewiring

Whole-home rewiring is when you switch out all your old wires for a safer or more efficient system. Lacking in some older designs, grounded wires direct stray lightning or power line energy to the floor and out away from your home. This protects you from getting shocked and maintains your home safety. With whole-home rewiring, you cut down the risk of fixing your wires at various times and sections wearing out constantly instead of together at once.

Garage Wiring

While you may think one electrical code sets the standard for residential wiring, your garage is typically the exception. Because garages have the potential for additional tools, their wiring requirements have special considerations for things like outlet height. Our professional team is well-versed in everything you need to know about home or garage wiring, and we will ensure your system is operating safely and legally.

Electrical Repair Services

Our electrical repair services handle everything from electrical wiring to electrical panel replacement. The goal of these services is to create a functional space in your home, where you can charge your phone, watch TV, and run your dishwasher at the same time without any electrical disturbances. The electrical load of today is much heavier than in past generations, and we want your home to have the proper tools to take it on.

Outlet Installation

One of our most common wiring upgrades is outlet installation. Many homes need improvements to adhere to the industry standard. GFCI outlet installation is especially important in rooms that come into contact with water. On the other hand, AFCI outlets protect your family and home from arc faults. Smart outlets are also available and are controlled from your phone.

Smoke Detector Installation

One of the most essential products you should seek from electrical wiring services near you is a smoke detector. Smoke detector installation is quick and easy but can be vital to your health and home safety. When your indoor air becomes contaminated with high levels of smoke, our reliable detectors will alert family members that potential emerging fires may be nearby.  

Smoke detector installation is a quick process, but it should also be well-thought-out. For example, your smoke detector should not be in a low space where kids or pets may interfere with it. It is best placed above the doorway or even on the ceiling in bedrooms and near your kitchen. It also should not be around hot appliances that may throw off its reading capabilities.

Trust Safe and Sound Electric LLC For Your Electrical Wiring Services in Greenwich, CT

Serving the Greenwich community for over a decade, Safe and Sound Electric LLC brings tried and true knowledge and experience to each project we take on. Our electricians employ both the current electrical code and industry standards in their projects, and they always maintain friendly dispositions and keep their workstations free of hazardous materials. Our goal is to make our customers happy by increasing the functionality and safety of their electrical system.

Are you looking for trusted electrical wiring services near Greenwich? Safe and Sound Electric LLC has reliable contractors ready to help you upgrade your electrical wiring to a system that fits modern safety regulations and keeps your family safe. Do not hesitate to call our team today to learn more or to book your appointment, at (614) 267-4111.

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