Electrical Service Upgrade in Greenwich, CT

An electrical service upgrade refers to a total upgrade of one of your major electrical components, like your electrical panel or electric meter base. In addition, an electrical service upgrade can mean an increase in the amount of power your home can receive. Seeking an electrical service upgrade near you can vastly improve your home electrical functionality. 

At Safe and Sound Electric LLC, it is our goal to provide your family with the safest and most efficient electrical system. Electrical overloads, wire risks, and faulty electrical components are ways of the past, and we want you to step into the future with peace of mind that your electrical system will stand up to issues and conquer them safely. Our services will help minimize fire and shock risks and help you maintain a safe and long-lasting electrical system.

Are you looking for an electrical service upgrade in Greenwich, CT? The experts at Safe and Sound Electric LLC can improve how much electricity your home handles, and get the job done safely. An electrical service upgrade lets your home tackle modern electrical needs. Do not hesitate to call us for your upgrade appointment, at (614) 267-4111.

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Electrical Service Upgrade in Greenwich, CT

Our services for an electrical service upgrade in Greenwich, CT handle residential electrical service upgrade tasks, an electrical panel upgrade, a service panel upgrade, breaker box wiring, and an electrical panel cover upgrade. While your electrical service company is responsible for fulfilling electrical requirements like your electrical meter, most components must be sought out and paid for by homeowners.

Residential Electrical Service Upgrade

A residential electrical service upgrade makes your electrical system more modern, more energy-efficient, and safer for your home and family. Past systems catered to a time without the latest smartphone or electrical upgrade every year. With the internet, mobile phones, and our constant need to be charging or plugged in, residential service upgrades keep you updated.

A residential electrical service upgrade may involve updating your electrical panel to a system that does not overwork itself, installing modern outlets that protect you from certain electrical dangers and allow you to control them from anywhere, and better wiring for your home.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

An electrical panel upgrade is one of the most common residential electrical service upgrade tasks. Many homes still run off the outdated fuse box system. The replacement offered today is a more modern and sleeker circuit breaker system. The circuit breakers provide a safer way to control the power in your home and adjust the current if it gets too high.

An electrical panel upgrade may also be necessary to handle additional energy consumption in your home, like for a hot tub or electrical vehicle charger. In some cases, your electrician may dedicate a circuit to the large appliance. While in other cases, they may install a sub-panel to take pressure off your main electrical panel unit.

Service Panel Upgrade

Your electrical panel is the main service panel. When you receive a service panel upgrade, it usually refers to your main unit instead of a sub-panel running in your home. However, if problems are occurring in your main electrical panel system, you will likely need a service panel upgrade in any affected panels throughout your home.

Breaker Box Wiring

Breaker box wiring is essential to the livelihood of your electrical system because it serves as the meeting point between your electrical panel and the rest of the electrical outputs in your home. To be safe, breaker box wiring should always be handled by a professional because electrical wiring runs the risk of electrical shock or starting an electrical fire in your home.

Electrical Panel Cover

Your electrical panel cover is responsible for keeping live wires contained and out of reach. With such a vital position, it is important to update your existing cover if it is no longer sufficiently protecting people from shocks or other live wire issues.

We Offer Financing Options!

Since your electrical service upgrade is not always planned, it can hit your monthly budget pretty hard. We understand that electrical mishaps happen and new needs arise that you may not have been ready for. That is why we offer financing solutions through GreenSky. We can help you painlessly apply to see if you qualify for a monthly payment plan.

Trust Safe and Sound Electric LLC For Your Electrical Service Upgrade in Greenwich, CT

Safe and Sound Electric LLC has been serving the Greenwich community since 2012. With over a decade of electrical field experience under our belts, we have seen just about every electrical issue that exists, and we have a solution for them all. No matter if your electrical repair needs are big or small, our experts are ready to accept the challenge and get the job done right.

Are you searching for a reliable electrical service upgrade near Greenwich, CT? The experts at Safe and Sound Electric LLC have the proper tools and friendly attitudes to get your repairs or replacements completed right. When you need electrical services, do not hesitate to call our team of experts to schedule your appointment, at (614) 267-4111.

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