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How Often Should You Have an Electrical Inspection?

Apr 6, 2022

How often should you have an electrical inspection? Your answer will depend on various factors, and each homeowner will have different needs for their electrical system. Regardless of any obvious electrical issues in houses, our experts recommend that you have a qualified electrical company provide an assessment at least once a year. 

But there are many other reasons having an electrical inspection might be right for you, so the answer to the question “how long between electrical inspections is too long?” will not be the same for everyone. We can walk you through all possible issues and unique situations that could lead you to need a residential electrical inspection.

Common Signs You Need An Electrical Inspection

Aside from your home benefiting from the typical yearly inspection, you may run into issues that require professional help. Electrical issues can extend anywhere from minor inconveniences to major emergencies, but they often start as small headaches that homeowners ignore, hoping they will go away. 

The rule of thumb experts recommend when it comes to your electrical system is “when in doubt, call an electrician.” Even if the problem is minimal, an inspection can give you a better picture of your home and the peace of mind to know everything is working as intended.

Still, many problems are clear red flags for homeowners to call their local electrical company. We have organized some of the more frequently found issues here, so you can help figure out when you need to get in touch with a professional.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

If your home looks less like a relaxing environment and more like a rave, you may have other appliances drawing too much power. Have a qualified residential electrician test the circuit to see if the power can be redirected. They can also find a way for the more high-powered appliances in your home to get their proper power supply.

Hot Sockets

If you have any heat coming from your electrical, you may have faulty electrical wiring that is causing hot switches or sockets. You should monitor the situation and call for an electrical inspection if the temperature gets too hot. 

Avoid using the socket if you can, especially if it gets warm, even if you are not using it. Call the local electricians near you for a wiring inspection to discover the core issue.

Strange Noises or Smells

Essentially any noise or smell from your electrical circuit is grounds for a phone call to your electrician. Buzzing or humming could be a sign that you have issues with your wiring that should be looked at right away. If you smell burning from your outlets or breaker box, stop using the power and call an electrician right away for an inspection.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

If the electrical load in your home is too high, your circuit breakers spring into action to protect your home and appliances. 

Unfortunately, if this continues, you likely have parts of circuits that are overloaded by the sheer amount of power usage. With an electrical inspection, you can get more information about upgrading your circuit to avoid tripping your breakers.

How Often Should Electrical Outlets Be Inspected?

Homeowners can often take their electricity for granted by waiting too long to call for an inspection. You want to try to do everything in your power to keep the power on, and the best way to do that is to have your electrical outlets inspected. From television to lights to AC, creature comforts require electricity to work as intended. 

Many electricians recommend that you have your electrical system checked anywhere from three to five years at a minimum. But the best way to ensure that your system is pulling its weight is with an annual inspection by a qualified technician. 

Aside from the more pressing electrical problems you might face, you should also consider an earlier-than-average inspection if:

  • You have recently purchased a previously-owned home
  • You have had a significant renovation that may have affected the electrical system
  • Your home has any new major appliances
  • Your home is forty years old or older

The best kind of care for your electrical system is preventative care, so if it has been some time since your previous inspection, we recommend getting in touch with an electrician you trust to check your outlets. 

An electrician can test all of your outlets and measure voltages to check how they operate. With an inspection from a qualified electrician, you can get a better idea of how well your system is working and actively prevent needing any expensive repairs in the future.

Turn to Safe and Sound Electric for Residential Electrical Services

Do you need a residential electrical inspection? Our team of electricians is committed to nothing short of excellence in our field, and we work hard to understand the needs of our customers thoroughly. 

We can assist with your home electric inspection, handle maintenance requests, and more. Call our team today to feel the difference being safe and sound makes!


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