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Modern homes rely on well-functioning electricity for day to day life. When your electric isn’t working properly Safe and Sound Electric can get your home up and running with our quick and reliable service. Learn more about the services we offer below.

Electric Repairs in North Stamford

No matter what electrical issue you are facing, the experts at Safe and Sound Electric can investigate and repair your problematic electrical so you can return to normalcy. You can count on us to safely perform any repairs and make sure they are up to code to prevent any issues (like faulty wiring or outdated techniques) from putting your family at risk.

General Electric Repair

Common problems such as tripped circuits, flickering lights, outdated outlets, and lightbulbs that burn out too quickly can cause frustration for a homeowner and become a danger if not addressed. Safe and Sound Electric can quickly determine the issue and offer solutions.

Outlets are another frequent repair need for homes in North Stamford. Three-pronged outlets are the standard within modern homes. If your home still uses two-pronged outlets, we can upgrade your outlets and offer you to take advantage of new USB outlet technology, and install safer GFCI outlets near water sources in your home with the help of our skilled professionals.

Emergency Electric Repair

A homeowner may not realize just how much they rely on their electricity until something goes wrong. Power loss to even a single appliance can cause major disruption to the overall function of your home. You can rely on Safe and Sound Electric to offer immediate service and quick repair for your emergency electric needs.

Troubleshooting Electric

Many electrical issues are confusing to figure out, especially when you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of electric work. Some homeowners put themselves and their homes at risk by trying to troubleshoot and repair electric on their own. When you call Safe and Sound Electric for a complicated electrical issue, you can rest knowing the repair was done the right way and your home is safe from any shoddy electrical work.

Upgrading Electric in Your Home

From older homes with outdated electricity to newer homes that want to take advantage of today’s newest technology, Safe and Sound electric can help upgrade a home’s electricity with safer and more efficient systems. Learn more about upgrade opportunities below.

Electric Car Chargers

Many people are switching to electric cars, which means they are in need of installing charging ports in their garages. We have already helped install many of these ports for North Stamford residents, including for Tesla model cars. You can schedule the proper installation of your port with one of our professionals and have your garage ready in time for your new vehicle purchase.

Lighting and Fans

New lighting and ceiling fans require proper installation by a professional to ensure all wires are safely routed to the fixture and that a home’s power supply can withstand the increase in electrical load. Our expert electricians can let you know if you will need a panel upgrade to accommodate your new fixtures and expertly install these fixtures in your home.

Instead of expensive air conditioning systems, many North Stamford residents choose to install whole home fans. These provide fresh air flow into homes all year round. Our professionals can properly install your whole home fan to prevent issues like excessive noise and draft back from gas-powered appliances from ruining your experience with your new fan.

Panel Upgrades

Fuse boxes are, in many ways, outdated for today’s modern electrical needs. Your home likely uses more power for appliances, computers, and other devices than what your fuse box was originally designed to handle. If a panel upgrade is necessary, your electricians will properly install a new one and ensure your home is being supplied with enough power for all of your electrical needs.

Surge Protectors

Without a surge protector, your appliances and devices may be at risk for permanent damage when a sudden electrical surge occurs. These surges can start from both outside and inside the home at any time. A surge protector prevents excess voltage from reaching your outlets by either blocking or grounding the electricity. Discover more about how we can help with whole-home surge protection when you call us today.

Our Electricians

All of the electricians at Safe and Sound Electric have licensed professionals who have been background checked and drug tested. Your safety is our priority. When you call on us for electrical work, we will provide you with a safe and skillful service no matter if you need repairs or upgrades on your electrical. Call us to schedule a service with one of our expert electricians today.

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