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Reliable electric is essential for the function of today’s homes. Faulty electric is not only a burden, but it can be dangerous too. When your electric isn’t sufficient or you can’t seem to figure out an issue, let our professionals at Safe and Sound Electric get your home safely back up and running again. Learn more about our quick and dependable services below.

Electric Repairs in Riverside

Our experts can investigate and safely repair most electrical issues. Whether you are experiencing frequent flickering lights or have a tripped breaker, our professional electricians will make sure the repairs are completed up to code so you don’t have to worry about the problem returning in the future.

General Repair

Even minor electrical issues like lights burning out too quickly can be more dangerous than you think. No electrical issue is too small to be concerned about or too small for our electricians to repair. When you need a general repair on tripped breakers, outdated outlets, flickering lights, or other issues, our professionals will quickly determine the cause and offer safe solutions for repair.

Outlets are a common repair need for many Riverside residents. You may want to upgrade your two-pronged outlets with safer three-pronged ones, install GFCI outlets near water sources in your home, or simply upgrade a few of your outlets with USB ports. Increase the overall electrical safety of your home by repairing broken outlets or updating outdated ones with help from one of our skilled professionals today.

Emergency Repair

Some electrical issues, like dead power supply to a heavily used appliance, can’t wait for days to be repaired. Other issues may present a danger to your family or home. When you need a repair fast, you can rely on the professionals at Safe and Sound Electric to respond with immediate service and quality repair. Don’t hesitate to call us the next time you have an electrical emergency.


While homeowners use their electrical systems every day, many have very little knowledge of how it all works. Electrical issues can be confusing and time consuming for the average person to fix on their own. Calling Safe and Sound Electric guarantees your electrical work will be done by a professional who knows what they are doing, and you can rest assured knowing it was repaired correctly for your safety.

Updating Your Electric

Electrical codes and materials are continually becoming safer and more efficient. Electrical work in a home will usually need repair or be replaced at some point, especially for older homes that have never upgraded the electric. Homeowners of newer homes may also want to upgrade their electric to take advantage of the newest technologies. If you have never had the electrical in your home inspected, you may need a professional to come to take a look and make sure your home isn’t at risk for a major electrical disaster.

Surge Protectors

A sudden electrical surge can occur unexpectedly and originate from either inside or outside the home. Without protective measures in place, your appliances and electronics can be at risk for permanent damage from an overload of power. Surge protectors can block or ground excess voltage before it reaches your outlets. If you are unsure whether or not you have a surge protector or want to install one in your home, our professionals can help.

Panel Upgrades

Today’s electrical needs far surpass the capacity of older fuse boxes. If your home still uses a fuse box, you may not be getting enough power supplied to your home for your appliances and devices. When a panel upgrade is necessary, you can call our certified electricians to install a newer panel and ensure your home is receiving the power it requires.

Lighting and Fans

Installing new lighting or a new ceiling fan in a home requires a bit more planning and work than the average homeowner may realize. Wires must be properly routed and insulated to ensure the fixtures can safely operate. A panel upgrade may also be necessary to accommodate the increase in electrical load from these fixtures. A professional will make sure these new additions are installed correctly and that your home’s power supply can handle the increased need.

Electric Car Charging Port

Charging ports are becoming a necessity for many Riverside homes as electric cars increase in popularity. Many of these upgraded technologies can also be a major selling point when listing a home. We have installed numerous ports already, including those for Tesla model vehicles as well. Have your garage ready for your new car purchase by scheduling a port installation today.

Our Electricians

Because your safety is our priority, the electricians at Safe and Sound Electric are professionals who have been drug tested and background checked before completing calls in the field. You will receive a safe and skillful service when you call us for any type of electrical work. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts today.

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