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Keeping your home and family safe can be a challenge. There are many different devices you can and should install to ensure your safety, such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, GFCI outlets, and, as we will focus on, arc fault breakers. Safe and Sound Electric in Riverside is here to assist you with keeping your home electrically compliant and safe. Our licensed electricians will ensure that your home is always in tip-top shape with all the required devices to prevent fires and electrocution.

Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

What is Arcing?

Electrical arcing, or arcing, happens when electrical current travels through the air from one conductor to another. The current forms an arc between the two points. Heat and energy are released during this malfunction, which can be dangerous if it occurs within your home. 

What Causes Arcing?

There is a long list of electrical flaws that can end in arcing, such as broken insulation and the presence of dust or rust. Here are a few causes of arcing:

Overloaded Circuits

If your electrical panel is overloaded, there is a risk of arcing. The excess flow of current may cause the circuit breakers to malfunction. The current may keep flowing instead of causing your circuit breaker to trip, leading to overheating and fires. 

Problematic Electrical Panels

If there is a defective circuit breaker in your electrical panel, it can increase the risk of arcing and put your home and family at risk of electrical fires.

Dangerous Surroundings

If there is any electrically conductive or flammable material near your electrical panel, it can lead to arcing and fires.

What are Arc Fault Breakers?

Arc fault breakers are installed to prevent fires due to electrical malfunctions. It is a circuit breaker that can test your electrical system for electrical faults. It will shut your system down and stop the flow of current if one of these faults is detected. 

An AFCI breaker will detect an electrical arc before it causes your circuits to overheat and cause sparks. If electrical current is traveling anywhere but through your wiring, an AFCI circuit breaker will detect it and prevent further damage.

How Do Arc Fault Breakers Differ from Regular Breakers?

A regular circuit breaker is meant to detect a power surge and stop the flow of current if too much energy is being used, but it will not be able to detect a small arc. As a matter of fact, arc faults generate small amounts of electrical energy and heat. However, it is enough to start a fire. Circuit breakers are not able to protect your home and appliances from overloaded extension cords. 

Where Do I Need Arc Fault Breakers?

All 120-volt, single-phase circuits require an AFCI breaker. This is necessary for all living or dwelling rooms in your home. For instance, your basement may not need an AFCI outlet unless it is a living space of some sort. If the basement is unfurnished and seldom used, an AFCI circuit breaker may not be needed. 

While these are the basic requirements for an arc fault breaker installation near Greenwich, these regulations can differ from area to area.

Is an AFCI the Same as GFCI?

These two devices will protect your home but from different faults. AFCI protects your home against arc faults, and GFCI protects your home against ground faults. To give your home all the necessary safety measures to protect your family, property, and appliances, it is best to have both AFCI and GFCI installed in your home.

Arc Fault Breaker Installation in Greenwich, CT

Does your home have AFCI breakers installed? If you are unsure, it would be best to call Safe and Sound Electric to inspect your home and give you an answer. If you need us to install an arc fault breaker near Greenwich, we can provide the best one!

Arc Fault Breaker Repairs

Perhaps your arc fault breaker has seen better days. If your arc fault breaker keeps tripping your electrical system or is not preventing electrical arcs, contact us. We will ensure that you receive reliable arc fault breaker repairs.

Trustworthy Arc Fault Breaker Installations in Greenwich, CT

If you would like your home arc fault breakers or need your current ones repaired, it would be best to allow only a licensed electrician to help you. It can be dangerous to install an AFCI breaker. It is much better to have a qualified electrician install it the right way, so you know it will protect your home in the event of an electrical arc.

We Specialize in the Following Electrical Repair Services:

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Attempting to repair electoral issues or perform electrical services yourself can be costly and dangerous. Our electricians have the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done safely. Call us today to schedule a service. Our residential electricians serve Darien, Greenwich, Norwalk, Stamford, and the Lower Fairfield County areas.

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