Outlet Installations in Greenwich, CT

We do not realize how much we depend on having access to electricity, and the way business is done in the world has changed significantly in the last 20 years. Without electricity, we could not keep our phones, tablets, or laptops running. Power to cook a meal, heat or cool a home, provide light or switch on the TV would also not be possible. All the above-mentioned are things we need to live comfortably.

Having electricity in your home in this modern world is a given. However, making sure that it is distributed in the correct way can be tricky if you do it yourself. Hiring a professional electrical contractor can minimize the possibilities of error when installing electrical outlets, making your home a safer place to live. 

When searching for outlet installation services in Riverside or near Greenwich, call on Safe and Sound Electric for all your electric outlet installations and repairs. You do not need to know how to change an outlet to power your home. Contact us now, and we will do the job for you safely and effortlessly. 

faulty outlets? Call an electrician

Power at Your Fingertips 

Upgrading your outdated electrical outlets and switches can change the way your home feels and make it safer. With so many different outlets available to choose from, we are spoilt for choice. Choosing the right outlet can benefit you or make your life difficult. Make sure you speak to an expert about your power outlet installation. 

Our Switch and Outlet Installations in Greenwich, CT

Safe and Sound Electric has a team of experts that specialize in the installation and repair of electrical outlets in homes and businesses. We cover a wide range of electrical services in Greenwich and put our customers first. Call a dependable company when you need power for all your devices, appliances, and lighting

Outlet & Switch Installation

Outlets and switches need to be installed properly and stay up to standard. Safe and Sound Electric take care in following all local codes and regulations to keep your home safe. 

Outlet and Switch Repair 

It is frustrating when we need electricity and flips a switch, but nothing happens. There could be a number of factors contributing to an electrical outlet not working properly. Your switch could be faulty, or the wiring could be loose or disconnected. Knowing how to fix loose outlets is only half the battle. Doing so safely and precisely, while not compromising the well-being of your home can be a challenge. Whatever the issue may be, it can be a fire and shock hazard that should not be taken lightly. Call us for your outlet installation in Greenwich, CT. 

Different Types of Outlets We Can Install

Having the right outlet for your home does not have to be tough to decide on. Make an informed decision and put the best outlet in your home according to your needs. 

GFCI Outlet Installation

With the development of the GFCI, outlet safety has been taken to another level. A GFCI conveniently cuts power to an outlet when there is a change in current. This is to keep you safe from electrical shock. A GFCI is usually installed on all outdoor outlets, places where water is commonly used, such as bathrooms and kitchens, basements, laundries, and anywhere else that is within 6 feet of a faucet or water source. Installing a GFCI can lower your chances of electrical shock, keeping your home safe. 

20A Outlet

With our high demand for power in our homes and businesses, using a 20A outlet will be necessary if you have an appliance that requires more power than usual. 

USB Outlet

In our modern day and age, we all have cell phones and tablets that need to stay powered up. When you need to recharge these devices, you normally use an adapter that goes into your outlet. Installing a USB outlet will renew your office space and create a more productive environment. 

Recessed Outlet 

A recessed power outlet prevents plugs or connectors from protruding out of your wall. This creates an aesthetically pleasing finish to the room and can be more convenient for a particular space. 

Smart Outlet

Smart outlets allow you to control your lighting and anything else that is plugged into the outlet. In this way, you can switch lights on and off as you need them without being in your home. This technology can save you money on your monthly utility bills. 

Trusted Outlet Installations in Greenwich, CT 

Professional switch and outlet installations near you are just a phone call away. We use the latest modern technology and tools while staying up to date with regular training and regulation changes. Take a look at all the reviews from our satisfied customers and take advantage of our great services. Call Safe and Sound Electric for all your outlet installations, replacements, and repairs. Speak to one of our highly knowledgeable technicians for more information on how to get power back in your home. With us, you can do this safely and cost-effectively.

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