Outdoor Lighting Installation in Greenwich, CT

Having the right lighting outdoors can help illuminate the space and make it safer. It can change how the yard looks, making it a more comfortable space to enjoy long into the evening. When you need Outdoor Lighting Installation in Greenwich, CT, work with the pros to make sure it is done right. At Safe and Sound Electric LLC, we can install a variety of lights to make sure your yard is lit properly and ready to show off.

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Choosing the Right Lights for Outdoor Lighting Installation in Greenwich

When it is time to consider an Outdoor Lighting Installation near Greenwich, the most important thing to consider is what lights will be installed. There are various types of light fixtures, such as flood lights or garden lights, as well as different brightness or colors to consider. Within the different types of fixtures, there are plenty of styles and sizes to choose from, so it is possible to find something that will match the space and look fantastic.

It is a good idea to consider how the fixtures will look once they are installed, even if they are used for security purposes, instead of lighting up the backyard to enjoy more time outside. The right fixtures will blend in with the style of the home, be the right height for the space, and be bright enough for their intended purpose. For lighting up a garden, more lights that are smaller in size might create a better look. For wall lights, on the other hand, targeted lighting that illuminates the entire wall might be a better option. 

Before doing the installation, our team can help you review various options and create a plan that is perfect for the exterior of your home. From landscape lighting to security lights, we can help you pick out the perfect fixtures that will provide you with everything needed to make sure the home looks amazing and has the security you need. 

Flood Light

Flood lights are designed to spread a lot of light over a larger area. These fixtures are often used for driveways, sidewalks, and other areas that are wide open. Most flood lights are installed on the roof of the home to help them shine as much light on the area as possible, and they are designed to be bright. 

Garden Lights

Garden lights are often a softer light, and the fixtures are placed periodically throughout the gardens to help attract more attention to the landscaping. They can be installed in the front or backyard and can be used to light up the edges of walkways to make traveling through the yard safer at night. 

Spotlights & Wall Lights

Spotlights are used to illuminate specific areas of the yard. A spotlight might be placed to create an interesting pattern or shape along exterior walls or used to highlight a certain spot in the yard. Most spotlights are targeted in where the light shines. Wall lights are similar but used over a larger space and are typically installed close to walls or doors. 

Motion Sensor Security Lights

Some lights are designed to turn on when they detect motion and turn off again after a period of time. Motion sensor lights are generally used around the perimeter of the home to improve security, as someone trying to get into the home will not want to be seen. If a motion is detected, the lights come on, scaring away potential burglars. These lights can also be used to keep some animals away from the home, as the animals might be scared of lights suddenly turning on at night. 

Outdoor Lighting Repair

If there are lights outside the home, but they are not working properly, take advantage of professional outdoor lighting services today. Repairs can be done to fix many types of fixtures, so you will not have to replace them or worry about adding more lighting if it is not needed. We can inspect the lighting to find the issue and make sure it is working properly, so you can depend on the lights needed outside of your home. 

Expert Outdoor Lighting Installation in Greenwich, CT

Installing lighting involves electricity, so it is not a good idea to try to do it on your own. New wiring may need to be run for the lights to work. If the wrong wiring is used, it may not be able to handle the outdoor weather, which could lead to issues or damage to the fixtures. Our team provides expert services for Outdoor Lighting near you, and we are able to help with any outdoor lighting installations you may need. We will take the time to make sure the fixtures installed are exactly what you want and need to make the patio or outdoor space the perfect place to relax, even when it starts to get dark. 

When it starts to get dark outside, the right lighting helps keep the home safer or helps create a relaxing atmosphere on the patio to enjoy. If you need to install new lighting outside of your home, our team is available to help. Call Safe and Sound Electric LLC today to schedule an appointment and start discussing your lighting needs.

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