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Electric is our specialty. Whether you need emergency electric repair, want professional help on an installation project, or are curious about the safety efficiency of your system, you can rely on Safe and Sound Electric to provide you with excellent service and unmatched craftsmanship. Discover more about what our experts can do for you below.

Electrical Repair in Old Greenwich

Some electrical repairs may seem simple but turn out to be more complicated than you originally thought. Other types of electrical repairs are confusing from the get-go. Let the pros at Safe and Sound Electric figure out your electrical repairs quickly and efficiently so you can get back to living with reliable electric once again.

General Repairs

You may not think about your electric too much until something goes wrong. When there is a problem, however, it can be a real pain. Although your home’s electric was designed to last a long time, it is bound to need a repair or a complete replacement eventually. Dead circuits, outdated or loose outlets, flickering lights, or other issues should prompt you to call the professionals for expert repair.

Even minor details, such as outdated outlets, can be causing you more trouble than they are worth. Many homes in the area are still using two-pronged outlets instead of newer and safer three-pronged ones. This can be a problem for plugs that require the third prong and can be putting you at risk of electric shock.

Our experts can help repair and replace loose outlets as well as install GCFI types in all spaces near water sources, like bathrooms and kitchens. If you have a broken outlet in your home, take the opportunity to upgrade it to a modern USB plug or smart outlet.

Emergency Repairs

Some electrical issues can’t wait until the next business day for repair. Whether your air conditioner suddenly blew a fuse in the middle of summer or your wiring is creating sparks while in use, you need immediate electrical service from a trusted professional. Don’t hesitate to call the pros at Safe and Sound Electric when you require emergency repair on any of your electric. Keep your family out of harm’s way with our expert service.

Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

You may not know why your lightbulbs are burning out quicker than they should, or perhaps you are confused as to why that one outlet in your home has never worked. When you have a mystery electrical problem, contact the experts at Safe and Sound Electric to come to troubleshoot the issue and find effective solutions. You don’t have to live with faulty electric when the pros are just a quick call away.

Upgrading and Updating Electric

Older electric can be putting you at risk and holding you back from the power your modern household requires. Not only are older wires a fire-risk, but they may not be robust enough to handle the power loads that all of your appliances and devices demand. If you have never had your electric inspected or it has been at least 40 years since the wiring was updated in your home, some upgrades may be in your future. Learn more about updates you can make to your home’s electric that will keep you safe and supply the power you need below.

Surge Protectors

While minor surges can go undetected throughout the year, big enough surges can be devastating for a household. Surge protectors take excess power and ground it before it can reach your outlets and valuable appliances. Your insurance may not cover everything, or anything at all, in the event of a power surge. Investing in a surge protector can prevent you from losing thousands of dollars’ worth of appliances and electronics should a power surge occur.

Panel Upgrades

While older style fuse boxes are already out of date and should be replaced, your panel may also be too old to meet your electrical needs. If your panel looks like it has had repairs in the past (such as multi-colored breakers), then you may need to upgrade your panel to meet the electrical demands of the modern age. If you are unsure how your panel is serving your home, contact our professionals to inspect it today.

Lighting and Fans

New lighting and fan installations can sometimes be bigger projects than you might think. From proper structural support to correctly directing wires, our experts can help you install your fixture or fan up to code and ensure compatibility with your current system and panel. Before starting your next upgrade project, contact the experts at Safe and Sound Electric for safe and efficient installation services.

Electric Car Charging

Electric cars are more popular than ever, but many residential garages still aren’t equipped with any way to charge them. When you are planning your next car purchase or want to add value to your home for resale purposes, contact our experts for electric car charging port installation. We have already installed many different types of these charging ports, including for Tesla model vehicles. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Electricians

Our Electricians

All of our electricians are licensed professionals that are background and drug tested. Safe and Sound Electric puts your safety as our first priority. Our experts will safely and skillfully repair or update any electrical needs you have so you can get back to normal life in your home. Schedule service with one of our professional electricians today.

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