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In the modern world, having a functional electric system in your home is an essential part of everyday life, and if your home’s electrical system no longer works properly, more than likely there are issues. Safe and Sound Electric is your one-stop-shop for the best service in Rowayton, CT.

Electrical repairs in Rowayton

Safe and Sound Electric offers proficient service with great reviews. We are experienced in repairing any technical problems, bringing your system back to perfect working order. No matter what the issue may be, our expert technicians can fix it promptly, safely, and professionally.

General electric repairs

Your home’s electrical systems have many different components that can go wrong. The most common issues that might need repairs range from tripped breakers, dead outlets, unreliable lights to outdated wiring. Safe and Sound Electric will gather all the necessary information to identify the cause of the problem and fix it quickly and safely.

Electrical outlets are often in need of general repairs in Rowayton. Call Safe and Sound Electric today to update your outlets that are newer and safer bringing your home up to code.

Emergency electrical services and repairs

At times, something major happens with the electrical in your home. When that happens, this can cause significant disruption to your daily routine. If your home is located anywhere in the Norwalk/Rowayton area, then there is no better electrician to call than Safe and Sound Electric. You can rely on us to provide efficient service and repair to all of your electrical needs. No other electrician in Fairfield County can top our reviews for our services!

Electrical upgrades

Many older homes in the Fairfield County area, such as those in Rowayton or Norwalk have outdated electrical systems installed. Even newer homes don’t have the most up to date technology and electrical system, and updating all of your electric can make a huge difference to safety, reliability, and performance. For more information, call Safe and Sound Electric to upgrade to more modern service.

Troubleshooting your electrics

For anyone who isn’t a professional electrician, troubleshooting what is wrong with your electrical system can be an enormous amount of work. Hiring an electrician to assist in troubleshooting your problems can save you a great deal of time. Troubleshooting yourself can put you and your home at risk. At Safe and Sound Electric, safety is our main concern.

Lights and Fans

Many residents in the Rowayton area are choosing to install whole home fans instead of expensive, complex air conditioning systems. These fans provide a cool flow of air all year round bringing fresh air without any of the downsides of air conditioning, such as loud noises, gas drafts back, or other problems. Hiring a professional electrician can make the installation of a new fan a breeze!

Installing the wiring for new lighting and ceiling fans can be difficult and dangerous if you are not a professional electrician. Many homes in the Rowayton are looking to install new lighting systems and fans, a project that requires the careful consideration of safety measures to ensure that your home can handle the increased electrical load. Hire Safe and Sound Electric and be assured that your new installation of lights or ceiling fan has been installed properly.

Electric car charging

Electric cars in Rowayton are becoming increasingly popular. More than likely, for convenience you will need an electric car charging port installed in your garage. Safe and Sound Electric has helped provide this service to many customers within the Rowayton and Norwalk area. Give us a call to find out how we can get you ready to charge your new electric car.

Fuse box and panel upgrades

Many older homes in Rowayton still use fuses that are outdated and insufficient. Electric consumption in the modern world is far higher than what it was when fuse boxes were designed. If an upgrade turns out to be a service that you need, Safe and Sound Electric is happy to arrange the upgrade.

Electrical surge protection

Electrical surges are an unavoidable thing that happens and if you’re not prepared, then these surges can permanently damage your devices and appliances. A surge can start from either outside or inside your house at any time, but a surge protector can help protect your service from interruption when a surge occurs. Surge protectors block electricity from reaching your outlets. Installing surge protectors is a straightforward job for a professional electrician. Give us a call to schedule your installation.

Safe and Sound Rowayton Electric contractors

Here, at Safe and Sound Electric LLC, we are happy to offer homeowners the best possible service. Every electrician is fully background checked and drug tested to ensure the full safety of our clients.

Our Electricians

Our Electricians

All of our electricians are licensed professionals that are background and drug tested. Safe and Sound Electric puts your safety as our first priority. Our experts will safely and skillfully repair or update any electrical needs you have so you can get back to normal life in your home. Schedule service with one of our professional electricians today.

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