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Without efficient power, your appliances and devices are all but rendered useless. Fixing an electrical problem is often a complicated task, and something not many homeowners have the time to figure out on their own. Our professionals here at Safe and Sound Electric are ready to help with any of your electrical needs so you can quickly get back to normal life in your home. Discover more about our services below.

Electrical Repair in Springdale

You may know exactly what is wrong with your electric, or you may be at a complete loss as to what is causing the electrical issues in your home. No matter the size or scope of the problem, our experts are ready to investigate, diagnose, and repair your electrical concerns. When you use Safe and Sound Electric, you can rely on our trusted electricians to handle any issue so you rest assured.

General Repair

While our electrical systems are always advancing and becoming more efficient, modern electricity still fails. Electricity in older homes can even pose a danger to homeowners if not updated in time. Dead circuits, frequent light bulb failures, flickering lights, and outdated outlets are all signs that it may be time to inspect and repair your electric.

Older two-pronged outlets are quickly being replaced by safer three-pronged outlets in modern homes today. Many present-day plugs use the third prong as a grounding rod, which won’t fit in your old outlets. Bathrooms, kitchens, and any space near water also require GCFI outlets for added safety. Whether you are getting ready to sell, need to update a rental property, or simply want to improve the safety in your home, our experts will help you install new outlets throughout your home the right way.

Emergency Repair

When the power suddenly goes out in your home, you may not be able to wait until convenient business hours to have it repaired. Whether your whole home has lost power or just an outlet to an essential appliance has gone out, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Safe and Sound Electric for immediate service. Keep your family safe by contacting us after any signs of electrical danger.


You may have an outlet in your home that has never worked properly, or maybe a fixture in your home is burning through lightbulbs faster than it should. If you can’t figure out why an electrical problem is occurring, our trained experts can come and troubleshoot the mystery for you.

Don’t put yourself in harm’s way trying to investigate a complicated electrical issue. Our knowledgeable electricians can investigate the problem and quickly provide you with solutions that work for you.

Upgrading and Updating Your Electric

Old wiring techniques could be putting you and your home at risk. If you live in an older home or haven’t had the wiring updated in 40 years, it may be time to schedule an inspection with the Safe and Sound Electric team. New wiring not only keeps you safe from electrical damage, but it will also help improve your home’s power supply to meet the demands of the modern age. Learn more below about various electrical updates you can make to your home.

Surge Protectors

Homes frequently experience power surges. While many go undetected, some can create lasting damage to anything plugged into your outlets at the time of the surge. Surge protectors help ground excess power before it can reach your outlets, whether the surge originated from inside the home (such as running too many high-powered appliances at once) or from an external event (such as a lightening strike).

Your insurance may not cover damage from a power surge. Investing in a surge protector can potentially save you thousands of dollars in damage should a surge occur. Contact us about options today.

Panel Upgrades

Just like wiring, panels also need to be replaced every so often. Fuse boxes are already outdated and should be replaced with a new electrical panel. Panels with different colored breakers have likely been repaired in the past and may not be meeting your electrical demands. Upgrade to a more modern panel and make sure your home is receiving the right amount of power it needs today.

Lighting and Fans

Light fixtures and fans are a great new addition to a home. They can be a little more complicated to install than the average DIY-er is ready for. Before installing your new fixtures, contact Safe and Sound Electric for professional installation techniques and compatible wire checks. Our experts will make sure your fixture is properly secured and that all wires are correctly routed before leaving you to enjoy your new addition.

Garage Car Charge Ports

Electric cars are the way of the future, and many homes in the area are utilizing this new technology for their transportation needs. Car charging ports are essential for running these vehicles, but not every home has one in its garage. Whether you are planning for a future purchase or simply want to add value to your home for resale, contact us to expertly install an electric car charging port today. We have experience with many different models, including Tesla.

Our Electricians

Our Electricians

All of our electricians are licensed professionals that are background and drug tested. Safe and Sound Electric puts your safety as our first priority. Our experts will safely and skillfully repair or update any electrical needs you have so you can get back to normal life in your home. Schedule service with one of our professional electricians today.

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