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Seven Signs You Should You Call An Electrician

Nov 15, 2021

Managing electricity is tricky work, and often you do not know how it is working until something goes wrong. How do you know when to call an electrician before something snaps, pops, or bursts into flames? 

You need a professional in your area that can give you the service you need — and, more than that, the service you might not yet know you need. 

If you are looking online for “local electricians near me,” or you do not know when to call an electrician, Safe and Sound Electric is the best provider in and around Lower Fairfield County. 

From Stamford to Greenwich, we can send an expert technician to your home to make sure you are powered up and powered safely. 

1. Your Power is Inconsistent

Inconsistent power is a common problem. You turn on a light, and it flickers and buzzes. 

It happens a lot, and it can often be identified as a problem with the fixture itself. But if that is not the case, it may be a matter of frayed wiring or using a bulb with a wattage that exceeds the capabilities of your outlet. 

Both of those are problems, and they are both indicators that you should call a residential electrician

The same applies if your lights are flickering when you perform certain actions. These actions could include plugging in a dryer, opening the fridge, or turning on the furnace in the winter. Any of these might cause the lights nearby to darken for a moment. 

This issue results from an improper current split, as pairing motor-driven appliances with lighting can cause a power imbalance. 

Your lights should work the way you want them to, regardless of what else you might be powering at the same time. Our qualified electricians can make sure that that’s what you get.

2. Your System is Old

A lot of the most common problems in electrical systems result from age. Connecticut is a beautiful state with a storied past, but that history comes with many old homes. 

The majority of the homes in our area were built in the fifties, and the architects and electricians of that era could never have imagined the electrical support we would require in the modern age.

If your home is more than twenty years old, that is a prime indicator of when to call an electrician. It is dangerous to just pile on plug strips and other outlet modifications to compensate for a lack of plug space. 

Power bars and multi-taps will not give you more power; they will just strain what you already have. Our local electricians can put in the work and consideration to ensure your home can handle the energy you need. 

3. You Are Making Frequent Trips in Your Panel

In any home, the occasional tripped breaker is just part of running a household. Your breaker will blow now and then, but if there is a certain outlet or light bank that fails regularly, that is something you need to fix. 

A habitually blowing breaker can point to underlying issues with the writing or act as a sign of an electrical system that is overloaded. 

Regardless of what is at fault, when you call an electrician like Safe and Sound Electric, you can get the insight of someone with the experience to find the problem and the skill to make it right.

4. You Do Not Have Enough (or Any) GFCI Outlets

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is a specialized outlet designed specifically for spaces containing excess moisture — think garages, kitchens, bathrooms, or outdoors. 

GFCI outlets prevent the risk of electrocution by shutting off their current if the outlet comes into contact with water. Modern building codes require them in all areas where water exposure could be reasonably expected.

You can tell a GFCI outlet by the two buttons between its plugs, one to test and the other to reset. You should make sure to push the test button regularly and listen for the click that says the system is still working on any GFCI outlets you do have. 

If you do not have GFCI outlets where you should, that is when to call an electrician. Our team can let you know how much a GFCI outlet installation will cost, and we can make it an easy process.

5. Your Outlets are Shocking You

We all know the brief but startling jolt of static electricity. But if you are getting a shock every time you use a particular outlet, that is when to call an emergency electrician.

Even if it is not outright shocking you, an outlet that is vibrating or warm to the touch is one that you need to get serviced. This kind of problem could be damaged circuits, broken cords, or an unstable electrical current. Regardless of the source of the issue, it is a safety hazard and could even start a fire. 

6. The Wires in Your Panel are Damaged

If you have a panel, as most homes do, you should make a point to inspect your system at least once a month. This advice applies even when there is not a problem with your home’s electrics because if something is wrong within your panel, you want to catch it before it becomes a problem. 

If they are singed or melted, that means you need a professional to make sure your panel is not a fire hazard.

7. You Notice a Smoking or Burning Smell

You are likely familiar with the common smells of your home. When something does smell off, like a stuffed garbage can or dirty litter box, you can usually trace it to its source and get rid of it just as quickly. 

But what if you smell a lingering smoky smell in your home that does not seem to be coming from anywhere? If that is the case, it could be the product of burning wires in your walls or even a potential electrical fire.

In cases like these, it is not enough to find a residential electrician. Your first step should be to turn off the power, call the fire department, and consult an electrician. 

You will be glad to know that the best “electrician near me” is Safe and Sound Electric.

When it comes to electrical problems, you really can not let the question “how much does it cost” determine whether you get it fixed. 

We believe in cultivating a team that is familiar with all potential problems, so no matter how your home’s electric system may fail, your issues will not surprise us.

You should not have to bend to the will and whims of your panel. You should be able to have exactly as much power as you need when you need it. Whether that takes a panel upgrade or any other services, we have a team of electricians who know what you need and want to make it happen. 

So for all of your electrical problems, call Safe and Sound Electric and get the kind of service that will truly light up your night. Our dedicated team is standing by and ready to assist you in making your home safe, comfortable, and secure. 


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